How To Increase Customers Engagement

How to increase customers engagement. How to nurture, develop, support.

How To Increase Customers Engagement. To Nurture, Develop, Support.

Customers engagement in a website or blog can be understood in many ways. This time the topic is about the viewer’s interest. It’s some kind of activity, based on a good relationship between visitors and your website.


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How to increase the customer’s engageme

By this insight we can differentiate two types of engagement:

VISITOR ENGAGEMENT – people who visit your website, they are not a clients, but by may become one. It means, in practice, the opportunity to acquire a new reader /fan, or even a new potential customer.

EXISTING CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT – with your business partners and constant readers. Customers are people wit you already work with, so in this case this involvment is based on creating a strong valuable relationships with customers and their activity.

In first case it comes to arouse people’s interest and involve them to read what you write on  your website. Through many tactics we can treat them as our potential future customers. It is important at the beginning to take care of a good move on – you have to lure and attract the new readers.

Traffic on your site is directly associated with good SEO. Market without adequate, good positioning, it is very difficult to break and be on the top. Following the examples of startup blogs from Sillicon Valley which validate that with good positioning, it will be easier to find you in Google. It helps the audience to click your page, go and stay there … for a long time. It also refers to your homepage. Try too search the proofs in your search engine but look for the best area of technological increase. Silicon Valley area is the best repository of knowledge, also in SEO.

Other factors influencing the arrival of the new recipients are:

1) the appearance of the page,
2) the impact of competition,
3) content- way of presenting content, inducing curiosity info, unusual forms of  
    communication with the audience,
4) activity beyond homepage- blog, social media etc.,
5) advertising, promotion.

The most important thing is creating the willingness of engagement your customers or readers. You must make a push to engage the customer to constantly visit the site or blog. This is one of the most difficult things to accomplish.

Before you start to wonder, what you can do, try to see the results of your site, check out what ensuer your content readers to stay on it longer. Pay also attention to the number of pages visited by your audience.

If your audiece spends less than 30 seconds in your website it means they can not find there anything meaningful for themeselves.
Well-prepared marketing content is the most important thing you can serve.
A customer who is aware that will get all he came for, will surely stay there longer and will often return.

How to make the customer come back?
Build a relationship.

1. On the website:

 Put your client first.
Take care of BTR (business track record) on your side – show the customer  that it is a significant  partner for you. Mention of it in your portfolio. Prepare Case studies, praise the  logos of customers  you work with or have collaborated. Present also testimonials

 Constantly develop your website.
Change the layout or simply refresh your conent.

 Expand Social Media.
 Show that the act that the site still is active. Link to it.

 Enter the Live Chat.
 Communicate with the clients directly by your website. It is very helpful when  you are selling online  products – the customer can immediately ask for everything and get the  answer.

 Your recipient will always receive information at your fingertips. Do something unusual-  send via  newsletter guides, tips quick guidance.

 Use the FAQ.
 Frequently Asked Questions. This method allows to automate responses to the  question that you  may have during the visit on your website.

 Invest in advertising.

2. On the blog:

 Provide periodicity of your posts.
When the reader knows always at the same time he get a good dose of your content, will want to  read them more. Why? He will be able to plan his time and put reading the text when he is able to.

 To facilitate the availability of the source of your knowledge, you can use the mailbox or the  newsletter and send always fresh dose of content.

 Use the interesting forms of media content.
Content in the form of videos, graphics,  presentations is much more encouraged- everything that  can be read quickly and easily.

Create or expand Social Media.
This is he best way to gain high-speed fans everywhere. Link to your blog, share in social media different points of interest.

This are only examples of increasing the customers engagement.
This article opens up the series of GROWTH topics which will be presenting in every category of the GROWTH2B.

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