Freelancer vs. Software House – Who Will Be Better

Is it better to hire a Software House or a Freelancer

Freelancer vs. Software house – Who Will Be Better

Certainly like every investor, you really care to achieve the best results by less costs. Probably not once you wondered, whether it would be better to employ individual freelancers in your project, or spend more money to hire a professional software company that offers a-z services.

software house vs freelancer
software house vs freelancer

Often, you probably heard about how much you can save using the services of freelancers. Now we will try to break up the topic. You can judge for yourself, whether that kind of cooperation is worthy in your case, and what it is really important to pay attention to by thinking about employing people. The price is not all what differentiates these two types of cooperation.

Below are the criteria for differentiating work of a freelancer and team of the software house.

1. TIME 
Software house with experienced developers usually needs less time, while delivering much better quality product.

Freelancer, will charge you for the hours they worked, divides its time between you and other projects. If he will consider that another project is more important you will be put away and your project can be continued indefinitely.

The compilation of project specifications sometimes requires many specialists in various fields, brainstorming and definitely direct relationships. It is impossible in home working.

Freelancer may have a problem. He is only entrusted to task for its tasks and can not have an idea about the project specification.

By working with software agency you pay your money for the entire service, for the team of professionals who are experts. In team working, everything can be divided into individual tasks, you don’t waste your time looking for the next freelancer to another step of your project- software house contain all them together – the necessary people for everything you need. You don’t have to coordinate every step of the project. Keep in mind that you lost a lot of time on mistakes of communication, misunderstanding each other, and mistakes in the team coordination – the team has its own organisation which you pay for.

Freelancer is cheaper. You have complete control of your finances, because you settle the pay rate up front and are confident that the budget will not be exceeded. The company pays the rent, also a freelancer. The company gives the payment, freelancer has also extra charges, and a a lot of another tasks not directly related to your project, which are performed by employees in the company and are rewarded with this title. Freelancer does it all on his own and does not include it in the labor costs.

A professional team creates a special kind of quality that is the leading showcase of the company. Where the quality comes from? It is a result from the experience of working with various clients, and working in a group – there are the factors that make a standard.

A self-employed person creates products limited by the design and imagination of one person. One freelancer has its own style and tactic. He can be closed to your innovations. But if you let act as he does the best, you can be satisfied of results. You only need to find a professional person.

Professional company tends to have more knowledge of the current web trends and programming languages. Other than assigned tasks Software house is able to provide you package a number of other services, such as testing, seo, good publicity etc.

Freeelancer works only by the task, it is also associated with lower cost, but it rarely happens that he offers other deals related to additional services. So you can hire another expert, specializing in his specialization area, who will take care of the rest actions in your project.


Software house, is a company so definitely have their headquarters, office, perhaps a couple of residences. It is convenient for you, because you can always meet at the office to know the right people who will work for you. It is their working environment. On the other hand, the fact, that team is working in a specially designated place, lose its time on the commuting to the office, spend time at the office’s recreactions – it can extend the project.

Generally freelancer works remotely at home and devote to the project in time, which you set with it. On the other hand, often it happens that you can not get to know this person fully, contact only via the Internet, many things can be not fully agreed.


As you can see, there is no simple answer to this, who should be employed. All depends on you and the type of an outsourcing project. One thing is certain, freelacer is much better suited to simple tasks which does not need the whole team, larger projects should be entrusted to the professional software houses.


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