Remote Team Working – Efficient Tips

Efficient Tips For Working In Remote Teams.

Remote Team Working – Efficient Tips

remote team working
Remote team working – tips for effective collaborations.


Employing a serious companies to your project, often at the stage of exploration, you may notice that some of them do not have one place of their activities, but locate their teams in several places.
Nevertheless, comparable to those which provide the same services, companies with a number of houses are as well developed as those with the only one house.

Probably many times you wondered how does the remote teams work look like, people who usually do not work with each other live, but only remotely, and they do really great things, after all.

How does this work look like and what makes it possible?

All of this really depends on 3 factors:
1. How to manage the team.
2. Tools and methods used in everyday work,
3. People who make up the team.

If you wonder, what are the most effective ways of working remote teams in these three categories of factors, see below:

1. The most effective methods of remote team management.

Determine common working hours for all. It is easier due to the good communication for teams located in different places. If your offices are located on other continents, you should designate one specific time of contact that you can sometimes talk online with everybody.

If you talk of the communication, then it must be very well developed.
Create a good, open communication channels online. Your team needs to understand that they have an obligation to stay in constant contact. It is also important to establish frequent, recurring team meetings and sometimes to talk live.

To check the productivity, oblige your employees to log their time in special platforms, or designating tasks and control their execution. Controling The people in a large company can be really difficult, then use the applications to post your daily of each employee.

2. Communication and collaboration among the people is important.

Now emails are only secondary tool, which is not really helpful in comunication over the team. Iit is really possible to get lost by looking for necessary knowlegde, because the valuable informations are hard to search and always fall through the cracks.

It is better to use a communication tool that eliminates writing emails but can be associated only in sending notificatications. It is one place for everyone to discuss company projects, share files and give feedback.

Comunication platforms like Slack or Hipchat and many others that create good space for remote teams comunications and collaborations.  People are engaged with each other in one place, both for specific work projects. Being in slack or hipchat is just like being at work, you’re available, so you’re working.
It gives you the view what is done and what everybody is doing right now, by special created rooms of talks and projects.

It is really popular to relate other good platforms together. Trello is a good one tool to manage the project. There are special boards for keeping track of the editorial calendar, and documentation supporting. You can find the moment in the process of project execution.

Obviously, there are a lot of other tools, which are very popular, created to provide the most useful solutions. All depends on functionality and your needments.

3. Create a good team.

People who will be able to work in such conditions are needed. Not everyone can work in a remote environment.

What does the good team in remote environment mean?

It must be the team of doers. People who really can solve problems without any other difficulties. Obviusly You’ll still have to provide guidance and direction around the most important projects, but the team needs to be ready for doing everything by themselves without any more questions.  

Team must be created by the fully trusted people. You don’t have to check them and their work everyday.

The ability of online working with other people, and working together regardless of many hang-ups is really important to working with the reamote group. The team should be efficient and should work as if they worked together every day live .That’s why online contact shoundn’t be an obstacle to communication.
It is necessary to take a pant to good comunication tools used in daily work and sometimes organizing the integration events.

Nowadays there are so many companies working by remote teams. By using such advanced technology, special tools and the accurate strategy, there are no impossible things to manage. Projects carried out by people who often live far away from each other are nothing different about those performed by teams working together.

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